Hingis Chang
(Chiao-Hsin Chang)

My name is Hingis Chang, which is taken from a Swiss female tennis player Martina Hingis, because my parents are her fans lol. But I actually love tennis a lot.

I'm a person who always tries my best to convey warmth in my own way.

I have a wide range of interests, I like drawing very much, and I want to use brushes to record life; I like music, singing, and playing the violin. Music is my way of healing and relaxation; I like to watch anime and comic books, from cartoons to animated movies (my favorite movie is UP), there is a never-grow-up girl live in my body; I like cooking, especially baking, and share food with everyone; I like to play basketball, tennis, volleyball, and watching sport games with my friends; I like design, from architectural and industrial design to interface design; I like photography, travel, watch exhibitions by my own to enjoy life and thinking life. I cherish all my beloved friends and family , they are an indispensable part of my life. Occasionally I enjoy the pace of being alone, savor the taste of loneliness, but I can't stand loneliness for too long because my life is intertwined with the interaction between people.

My Resume